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Friday, 12 May 2017

Silhouette Studio software V4 released

Hi everyone just thought I would let Silhouette users know that the long awaited new version of the software has now been released. I have been beta testing it for quite a while now and really like it although it is quite different !! You can find the release notes here and you can download the new version here. I am a member of the beta testing group, we have helping to sort out bugs etc for a few months now and it will be an ongoing process so if you do decide to try it I would love to know what you think of it.


  1. Thanks for the headsup, Shirtley. My studio design software kept saying it was up-to-date so I never would have checked.

  2. Thanks Shirley, I have been watching, as I heard that it was being tested, I shall have to try and download the new one, thanks for the heads up for it.

  3. I downloaded the newest version today. It does have a different look but that's something I'll learn. But I don't know why I can't load some of my purchased designs? The design says I "own" it in the store but when I try to load the file, it doesn't show up in either library so.. I may have to contact support next week.

    1. Have you checked that you are logged in to your account in the Library Panel Melinda ?

  4. I'd like to load ver. 4. I have 3.? now. Can I load 4 and keep the ver. 3 as well?

  5. I believe you can do it quite easily on a Mac but it's more complicated on a PC. When Studio is installing it always looks first to see if you have another older version, as it wants to install over the top of it, so by renaming an existing version you can may be able to make it do otherwise.
    Make sure you have the older Studio version installed (first)
    Find your Studio folder and rename it to something suitable
    Find the studio.exe file within this folder and rename that too (e.g. old_studio.exe)
    Rename any desktop icon accordingly
    Finally install the new version. I have not tried this so if you want to run 2 versions I woul contact Silhouette America for advice rather than mess anything up !!


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