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Sunday, 8 April 2018

Freebie Bird & Flowers Card

Hi everyone

Many thanks for all your comments on my last freebie, nice to know you liked it.

I thought you might like to see some photos of Tommy & Tuppence now they have reached the grand old age of 1 year !! We have just started letting them go out into the garden and they have been happy to stay there until Friday when Tommy disappeared. We started getting a little anxious when he had been missing for about 4 hours as it's not like him to miss a meal. We started searching but no sign and by 10.30 pm we were pretty worried about him. We set of on another search and not far from home we could hear meowing and eventually found him stuck up a tall Conifer tree. Hubby had to go and get a ladder and we eventually got him down and safely home - not an experience we want to repeat. They are both micro chipped but I have ordered some collars for them with our address and phone number on just in case.

This is Tommy
and this is Tuppence
and the two of them together - as you can see their colouring has changed a little from when they were kittens with Tuppence having a bit of ginger in her.

Anyway enough of them, on to the freebie - a simple aperture card just add a nice backing paper. Quite a good card for Spring I think.

Download svg file here
Download studio file here
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